Employer Value and Benefits

Networks By Design is the leading California client-customized MPN/EPO network company. We have the network development expertise and current treatment data designed to provide Group Health and Workers' Compensation medical networks specifically client- tailored to meet the needs of each individual employer client.

We are not the typical “large commodity PPO network” using outdated demographic information and covering excessive geography. It’s our belief that the one-size-network does not fit all! We are simply the better, truly client-customized network solution.

The Networks By Design’s doctor and facility data is always current and updated as needed. Contact information is correct and the providers listed are still practicing medicine and accepting new patients. This eliminates patient and employer frustration and aids in expedient treatment.

Networks By Design provider contracts contain significant medical cost containment provisions. For example, liens related to treatment from NBD providers must be properly filed within a year of the date of service. Medical foods, co-packs, compounding, off-label prescriptions, narcotics, and opioids are among many pharmaceuticals that must have prior Payor approval before prescription.

Networks By Design’s expertly negotiated provider agreements offer benefits to the treating physician and Payor while focusing on the most appropriate and effective treatment and care for the injured employee or group health member.

We are dedicated to providing exemplary service through real and fully experienced people that can be contacted directly and answer client employer questions or resolve any problems quickly. The Networks By Design management and client care teams have more than seventy-five plus cumulative years experience in the PPO/MPN business. In addition we have significant positive relationships with providers and Payors throughout California.

Networks By Design is a registered California corporation, and all of its principals and top executives are based in California.

We believe it is our responsibility to regularly review provider performance and assure compliance with the network’s internal treatment guidelines through continuous Utilization Management. Metrics are available that are germane to the medical treatment within the network allowing a Payor to monitor performance of all parts of its medical management programs.

Networks By Design is very much a client-oriented company. Your satisfaction is paramount to everyone on our team!  Specific nominations by the Payor are always welcome. In fact, we have an outstanding recruiting performance record. For example, for one current client, we successfully recruited 75% of their nominated providers within a 60 day period.

However, while we offer substantial coverage, Networks By Design does not engage in a “cast the widest net” contest with its competitors. Simply stated…, provider quality and integrity are equally as important as the quantity of doctors and facilities in the network.

Most important to you, our valued clients is our commitment to developing true client-tailored network solutions that fully meet your needs along with comprehensive client care that supports our products and services completely.

Whether Workers’ Compensation, Group Health or both… Networks By Design is your preeminent customized California healthcare network solution. Please Contact Us and we will show you why we are the best at what we do!